2 thoughts on “VBS 2013: Athens, Paul’s Dangerous Journey

  1. Nancy Bellino

    Our Church New Testament Christian Fellowship is looking to purchase the CDs for the 2013 VBS Athens Pauls Dangerous Journey. We are a small church in Manchester, NH and want to know if you still have these materials and if you wish to sell them? Or if you know of any other church that did this VBS and would like to sell the materials? Yes we are behind, but since we are a small church of 200 or under we make our own props and I create our signs and what not from the CDs clip art and of course we need the music. If by any chance you can help, please let me know. God Bless – thank you Nancy

  2. pastorikim

    hello nancy. I’m sorry I did not get a notification about this. I know that we have a resource library of our past materials but I do not know what all is in the kit. I am happy to look if you are still interested.
    Please call the church office at 909.795.9741 and let us know if you are still interested.
    isaac kim

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