Adventurer Outreach: Armed Service Care Package for 11.9.11

Last time at Adventurer Club we started to create care packages for Mr. Kruse’s son and other service people.  We would like to finish them at our next meeting on November 9.  This will be in addition to our regular class so if you have signed up to teach, please come prepared to teach.  Please take a moment to look at the list of “most requested” items.  For a more complete list of items click here.

Please consider donating from the “most requested” items list here. Travel-size and single-serving size work best.
(see below for specifics on these most requested items)

  • Single-serving size snacks and non-perishable food items, particularly tuna kits, beef jerky, canned fruit (small containers with pop-top lid), dried fruit, nuts and other healthy snacks
  • Pre-sweetened flavored beverage mixes (smaller sizes please)
  • Toothbrushes
  • Liquid body wash (no pump dispensers please)
  • Undershirts (olive green, short sleeve)
  • Socks (bootcut, black)
  • AA and AAA Batteries
  • Letters of support

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