Adventurer Club: Meet our new director: Bob Kruse

I have been married to my awesome wife Michelle for 23 years & we have 4 wonderful children Bobby 27 yrs, Clayton 16 yrs & a junior at MGA, Micheala 13 yrs, 8th grade at MGA and Kylea 8 yrs at the SDA Mentone Team school & 16 month granddaughter Alayna. We moved here Dec 24th 2009 from 29 Palms CA, so all our children could receive a christian education! After touring the country side we fell in love with MGA!  Monterey Bay came in a close 2nd place.

I retired from the United State Marines in 2003 with 21 years of active service. Shortly after serving in the gulf war, I have been working with children in all areas of our children ministries department within our local church. My family & I love to travel and eat! One of our favorite places to visit is Yellowstone & Glacier National Parks. Our favorite fast food is Del taco / Chipotle & our favorite dining is the Macaroni grill. We do eat out a lot, cause Michelle & I are not crazy about cooking?? We love to swim, snorkel, and just experience anything outdoors with nature. That’s why we moved to 29 Palms to begin with, cause we loved the rocks up at Joshua Tree National Park!! We also love to play games with family & friends and just getting to know people, by hanging out with them!! We chose the Calimesa church, because our kids loved it there from the start and we felt very welcomed there. It’s been great sitting in sabbath school together with Michelle getting spiritually fed a different way!! We haven’t been able to do that in almost 20 years! I have spent 14 years with the Pathfinders & 6 years with the Adventurers! I knew it was just a matter of time?  God’s time, before I would get back into it!

So now I’ve been asked to be your Adventurer leader for this year and support you the parent, in assisting your children with the task of developing fully as followers of Christ! This year there are a number of things I would love to see happened with each child, but the one thing I strive to accomplish for each child is for them to commit their hearts and lives to Jesus Christ! It’s a great way for them to get away and experience ways to develop a Christ like character, to experience the joy and satisfaction of doing things well, to learn good sportsmanship and strengthen their ability to get along with others well and so much more they will learn this next year in the Adventurers! The Adventurer Program is designed to have the parents present with their child at all meetings, and outreach events, to assist & experience with their child all there is in the Adventurer program. If your schedule does not allow you to do so, that too will be fine and I would still love to have the opportunity to lead your child in the Adventurer program. We have many things that we would like to do this year that we have done in the past with other clubs. We would need your support to assist in any area’s from being a counselor, instructor or assisting with any of the outreach activities or events, like the Adventurer Beach day, Adventurer Fun / Fair day at the conference grounds, camping trips, hikes, bike rides, etc….

Once again I thank you for the opportunity to assist you in leading our children to be a follower of Christ! I look forward to meeting with each and every one of you and your children! 

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