Adventurer Club 2011 Organizational Meeting & Registration Dates

Our Calimesa Adventurer Club will be getting off the ground in the next few weeks.  We have a new director this year after several years under the leadership of Karen Davidson and Tiffany Melashanko.  Bob Kruse has agreed to be our new director and are looking forward to a great year with some new ideas to add to our curriculum.  We believe that Adventurer Club is a great place to learn and grow with our friends and our families.

Here are some important dates to keep in mind as we being our new year.

Tuesday September 13th @ 6pm:  Organizational Meeting to share ideas and plan together.   We need everyone’s help to make it truly meaningful for our children. A light dinner will be provided.

Tuesday September 20th @ 11:45AM AT MGA :  Registration day 1  

Wednesday September 21st @ 6:00PM at Church:  Registration day 2

Sabbath September 24th:  Registration day 3, potluck lunch & Adventurer Outing

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