Donate your used eyeglasses to friends in Roatan

If you are like me, you have used prescription eyeglasses you don’t know what to do with.  Either your prescription has changed or the style just doesn’t define you as well anymore.  Well, let us help you with a great cause to donate your used eyeglasses to…your friends in Roatan.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 153 million people worldwide have uncorrected refractive errors (near-sightedness, far-sightedness, and astigmatism). Refractive errors can easily be corrected with eyeglasses.

Yet, 138 million or 90% of people with uncorrected refractive errors live in African, Asian, and Latin American countries. This is because in many of these countries people cannot afford the cost of a simple pair of eyeglasses.

  • an eye exam can cost as much as one month’s salary
  • a bottle of eye medication to relieve a simple eye infection would probably take food off a family’s table for weeks.
  • a pair of eyeglasses can be the equivalent of a year’s salary (source.
  • Our friends in Roatan are living in similar situations as the ones described above.  As part of our outreach this year we will be providing eyeglasses to the community.  Loma Linda Optometry/Dr. Doug Soderblom is partnering with us to help with this project.  You can bring or send in your pre-owned eyeglasses to the Calimesa SDA Church.  391 Myrtlewood Dr. Calimesa, CA 92320.

    We can use all types of eyeglasses and sunglasses sunglasses for all ages.

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