Calimesa Young Families Love Haiti 2010

Many of you have seen the images and heard the stories.  As our brothers and sisters are devastated by the 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti yesterday our young families and children will have an opportunity to be Jesus in our world and love the people of haiti this weekend during Sabbath School.

While we recognize the importance of  our commitment to our friends in Roatan, the disaster in Haiti demands a response from the heart.  So for 1 weekend, (January 16), we will pause from our Coin Drive for Roatan.  We are working on channels of support for Dr. Scott Nelson who is a missionary in Dominican Republic that frequents Haiti and is currently preparing a surgical team to travel to Haiti.  Also, we invite you to consider supporting ADRA which has been carrying out their work in Haiti for over 30 years.

I invite and encourage you to prayerfully do what you and your family can to help and bring in your contributions to your child’s SS class and place your donations in the coin drive pitchers.  This is what we do because we are a group of believers that are committed to Loving God and Loving People.

We will resume our regular Coin Drive for Roatan after this weekend.

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