Team Calitan Coin Drive to Provide Playground & Fitness Equipment

In the spirit of the World Cup being held in 2010, we will be inviting you to share the joy of exercise and physical fitness with our little friends in Roatan Honduras.  Last year as an experiment we took a few soccer balls and cones with us to Roatan.  Not only were we able to provide with them much needed equipment but playing soccer was a great way for our children to interact with the children on the island and develop their friendships.

This year we would really like to provide them with safe and durable playground equipment and sports equipment like soccer balls and goals to name a few.

Many Classes have already started bringing in their loose change during the book drive.  We are now ready to push our coin drive full force and invite you to be a link in the chain of giving.  We have explained this before but there are a few new twists to our coindrive for this year. Here are the details.

1.  Coin Drive officially begins January 9, 2010.  It will end February 28, 2010 @ midnight.

2. Each class is encouraged to bring in their coins from home.

3.  Your class pitcher must be visible and accessible (no guarding) each Sabbath morning during Sabbath School time from 9:45 AM-11:00AM.

4a. Coins in your pitcher= increase the money total. (bring in coins to put into your pitcher)

4b. Paper Bills in your pitcher= decrease the money total. (bring in paper bills to put into the pitcher for another class) A class can very easily go into the negative.

4c. To calculate your fundraising money total raised combine:

(Total amount of Coins in Pitcher) + (No. of Books x $0.50) – (Total amount of Paper currency)= Total raised.

5. All money currently in your pitchers (as of 1.2.10) will count towards your total money raised in a positive manner.

6. The winning class will get a special party and treat unique to the kids in Roatan during Sabbath School.

7.  Any significant donations made specifically for your class from outside sources (non-calimesa attendee or business) will be credited to your class.  These donations should not be placed in the pitcher but directed to Pastor Isaac to ensure proper credit to your class and federal tax creditation to the donor.

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