Roatan Mission Trip Christmas Outreach

Thank you to everyone who generously supported the Christmas Outreach project for our Children’s Ministry.  We ask for each of you to bring in our children’s books that you could share with our friends in Roatan.  After several hours of counting and we are ready to announce the totals for our Christmas Outreach Book Drive. Drum roll please:  Our children’s ministry brought in a total of 1410 books!!  The young adults will participate in this outreach by sorting, packing, and shipping our books out!  Thanks everyone!

Here is the breakdown by each class: As we mentioned at the beginning each book will be assigned a value of $0.50 towards the coin drive total.

Cradle Roll:  8 books

Tiny Tots:  29 books

Kindergarten:  543 books

Primary:  192 books

Juniors: 638 books!

Congrats to Teacher Stephanie and the entire Junior Class.  You are well on your way towards winning the mission reward…but don’t be too comfortable, the kindergarten class is close behind!

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