Roatan Christmas Book Drive Rankings Entering Last Weekend.

We have one more weekend to go for our Christmas Fundraiser.  There is a heated battle going on between the Juniors, Primary, and Kindergarten Class.  The race is pretty tight but I am pleasantly surprised that the Juniors are in the lead.

This Roatan Mission Trip book drive is a win-win all the way around.  You get a chance to donate the kid’s books that are cluttering your house and help our friends down in Roatan.

As we enter the last weekend it truly is anyones drive to bring in the most books and raise the most money towards your coin drive total.  For each book you bring in to donate, we will give you class $0.50 towards the Roatan Coin Drive.

Current Standings:

1st:  Junior Class

2nd:  Primary Class

3rd:  Kindergarten Class

4th:  Tiny Tots

5th:  Cradle Roll

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