Children’s Choir & Kids Praise 2009-2010

(video of 2008-2009)

Happy Autumn Choir kids!
We have our first choir date of the season coming QUICKLY upon us…. November 7.  If you were at church last week, you probably got a CD, but may also have some questions.  Yes, I know that one song has some African lyrics, and NO we will NOT be learning Swahili.  (I had a hard time finding the song in an arrangement that I liked in English….)  “Oh Happy Day” will be mashed together with “This Little Light of Mine” to make one song.  I hope that these songs will fill you with joy as you listen and learn them this week.  Our second song is one some kids may already recognize, “I Love You Lord”.  It will begin with a solo, then be repeated 2x by the choir.  See below for the lyrics as we will sing them.
I look forward to hearing your gorgeous voices on Sabbath!  You fill my heart with joy and I know as God hears your songs to Him you will be putting a smile on his glorious face!

I love you Lord
and I lift my voice
To worship you,
Oh my soul, rejoice!

Take joy my King
In what you hear
May it be a sweet sweet
sound in your ear
Repeat 2x

Teachers Rhonda, Todd, and Euni

2 thoughts on “Children’s Choir & Kids Praise 2009-2010

  1. pastorikim

    Hi rachelle:
    Please contact rhonda or euni about practice times. However, I do know that they are going around to the various classes during SS time as well

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