Calimesa Members Impacted by Fires

5329_130948670881_695055881_3061331_4565179_n (photo: Trisha Parker)

There are times when established practices are not a good thing.  It seems in recent years it has become an established part of life that southern California is engulfed in fires that choke our air and cloud our minds with one too many thoughts.  When everything settles we may revert back to the routine of our hectic lives but until then whether you realize it or not, we are experiencing church amidst the chaos of the fires.  I am hearing reports of many of our church members staying with friends or family from our church.  It is such a wonderful thing to comfort one another!  I do not have permission to share the names but between 12-15 families are currently evacuated under mandatory orders.  Our friends are safe and we are grateful for that.  Please continue to pray for the safety of the courageous men and women that are on the front lines!

If you have any information on families and might need some assistance during this time please do not hesitate to contact me.  During times of evacuations please do not assume that we are aware of everyones situation.

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