MGA Financial Aid Application


As a church we prioritize Christian Education and recognize the importance of it in the life of our members.  Sometimes due to
circumstances beyond our control we are in a position where Christian Education is simply not a financial option on our own.
The Calimesa SDA Church has set up a system to partner with the parents and the administration at Mesa Grande Academy to
help provide some financial assistance for your student(s) during this difficult economic time.

Please carefully fill out this application and return it to the church office by Friday July 31, 2009.  The Student Aid com-
mittee will review your application, and if additional information is needed, they will contact you.  We will strive to have an
answer for your request for aid by the middle of August in order to allow for a seamless registration process.  Your information
will remain confidential to the church finance committee and administration at MGA.

Applications will be available for pickup in the church lobby starting Sabbath July 18, 2009.

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