Calimesa Softball Tournament July 12


It is summer again and VBS is  over.  That means that you might be going through withdrawals from your friends at church.  Well, to help you with that we are announcing our next get together.  We will be having our 2nd annual softball tournament aka…The GOLDEN OWL SERIES. I would like to remain undefeated so everyone sign up to play.  This is a family friendly day.  We will have a kickball game for our children below high school age and softball games and food for the rest of us.

Due to the overwhelming response from the Young Families group last year.  We will be limiting those that play to registered people only.  So please take a moment and register to play (click here).

For more information please contact Raul Garcia.

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21 thoughts on “Calimesa Softball Tournament July 12

  1. raulbgarcia

    Here is what I have heard: New Date is July 12, 2009, starting at 10:00 a.m. Hoffers will be renting a jump house for the kiddies, there will be a watermelon spitting contest hosted by Michael Bennie. Dan Nyirady and family will be hiring a face painting, balloon type person and other activities for the tykesters.

  2. Tom Quishenberry

    Tom would like to play in the softball tournament, but I (Kim) have to work that day. Sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun.

  3. raulbgarcia

    Alfred Riddle, who put shaving cream on my face in high school, while i was sleeping, has confirmed, and Janice is flaking.

  4. raulbgarcia

    The General Manager for the Young Families, Todd C. Nelson, has confirmed to me in person and on Facebook. woo hoo, thought we were not going to have a GM.

  5. GM and Master Softballer SEJ

    The Young Adults team currently is:
    1. Scott Jones
    2. David Salgado
    3. Brent Wild
    4. Mike Giang
    5. Nathan Blue
    6. Jere Sandberg
    7. Kyle Littell
    8. Cheri Blue
    9. Lauryn Wild
    10. Lauren (Lauryn’s Friend)
    11. Jessica Williams
    12. Crystal
    13. Brittnay Kohler
    14. Kyle Littell

    A finalized team roster will be posted soon.

  6. caroline

    is Pastor C a good softball player? If he is, I think we should ask him and his family to join us on our team. If not, I think that we should give him a call saying that the YA team might like to have him on their team. 🙂

  7. raulbgarcia

    Breaking news. Chris and Stephanie Church, who never join us for anything, will be making cameo appearance at Golden Owl Series, and will be playing. Entourage in tow. Stay tuned.

  8. melinda hagelgantz

    My daughter Cheyenne and I would like to play. If there is a youth team we could join them. Thanks

  9. raulbgarcia

    Melinda, there is a youth team. You and your daughter are more than welcome to join us for the festivities and off course play in the game.

  10. Todd Nelson GM

    I’ll post the list for the two young families teams below. Feel good to at least be CALLED “young”… 🙂

    We have two co-ed teams, Awesomest and Bestest

    Isaac Kim
    Tom Allen
    Randy Stevens
    Arwyn Wild
    Alfred Riddle
    Lance Gorton
    Tom Kim
    Chris Church
    Paul Emerson
    Duncan Henry
    Mike Au

    Caroline Kim
    Stephanie Church
    Leslie Wister
    Pam Stilson
    Katie Gaurd
    Teryl Schmunk

    (Please forgive any misspelled names….)

  11. Todd Nelson GM

    Team B(estest):
    Brent Langford
    Terry Bonney
    Todd Nelson
    Raul Garcia
    Tom Quishenberry
    Darrell Peterson
    Jason Wister
    Harold Neuendorf
    Tres Hoffer
    Troy Anawaty

    Heidi Langford
    Jennifer Hoffer
    Rhonda Bonney
    Melinda Hagelgantz
    Cari Stephens
    Jenny Milledge
    Rhonda Nelson
    Kandi Neal
    Christina Henry

    (Again, I deeply apologize for any splleing errors)
    Practice starting at 8 if you can make it. We’ll try and start games as early as people come to speed the wonderful day along

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