Calimesa to Join World Church in Response to N1H1.

I’m sure that we’ve all heard or been curious about the N1H1 virus a.k.a. Swine Flu.  You’ll be happy to know that in times of questions in public health, your world church has responded with some helpful guidelines.  At this point these are conservative measures to ensure that everyone that worships with us will be more comfortable and remain healthy.

Here are some precautionary steps that we will be implementing during our Sabbath Services for the interim during this public health situation.

1.  We are canceling the church wide fellowship meal for this Sabbath.

2.  The kindergarten party for raising the most funds for Honduras is being postponed.

3.  All SS classrooms will have their own alcohol based hand sanitizer bottles.  We are also asking everyone to please wash their hands frequently.

4. We are asking the SS classes to implement necessary safe guards if you are choosing to hand out snacks.  (i.e. individually prepackaged snacks rather than cups.)

5. We encourage you to greet each other in church with a smile. This is NOT the time for shaking hands or hugging or that is so common to many of us.

6.  If you are or a family member is not feeling well please take extra care, drink plenty of water, and be considerate of others you may come in contact with.

Although some may consider these steps unnecessary, we hope that these precautionary steps will help us to continue to be a healthy and thriving church family where we will continue Loving God and Loving People.

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