Take Part in National Volunteer Week

This week is National Volunteer Week where we are reminded to get involved in the serving others.  For many of us involved in church, volunteering is just part of who we are.  We serve others all the time through our various ministries and I say “THANK YOU”!!!


National Volunteer Week is a great opportunity to spend quality time with our kids and model for them how to Love People in a tangible way. If you decide to take part in volunteering this week email me your pictures and I’ll post them on the website!

If you need some ideas here are a few from a great website The Volunteer Family

Ideas that are related to the environment (Earth Day is this Wednesday).

  • Help clean up shore around lakes, beaches/coasts, river  (I know that Crystal Cove State Beach always appreciates trash pickup)
  • Clean up litter on the street, in a park, at your church
  • Weed in a cemetery or park
  • Use more energy-efficient light bulbs
  • Work on a community garden or farm
  • Clear trails
  • Start a compost pile

Ideas to do at home:

  • Make cards for people who may be feeling lonely or might need their day brightened. A card or short note is a nice surprise to receive in the mail on any occasion.
  • Clean out your closets and give away clothing, toys, and games you do not use or need to disadvantaged families.
  • Write letters and send care packages to troops living abroad.
  • Write letters and send care packages to students away at college or who are living abroad.

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