Holy Weeks starts off with a bang…

While a group of church leaders were meeting at church this afternoon and evening we were pleased to hear the church full of activity and laughter.  Holy Week, a week that reminds us not only of the suffering of our Lord but the Hope that we have, started with the banging, stapling, sawing, and chattering of the set and decorating crew for “Alone on that Altar”.  They worked tirelessly into the late night erecting Jerusalem…although it was not the “New Jerusalem” it was a beautiful one.  Rome wasn’t built in a day but our Jerusalem will probably be built in 2 or 3.


Although, I have not confirmed an exact stage crew, I saw, Tres and Jen Hoffer, Craig and Donna Zuppan, Dan Nyirady, Bonnie Nelson, Tom and Caroline Kim along with Nathan, Zach, Maddie, Jeremy, and Emma all sacrificing their Sunday for our Easter Worship shared through a musical drama.

This is our church’s gift to the community during this special time of year.  Are you wondering how you can not only support your friends but be involved?  Well, get involved by inviting your family, friends, and neighbors to worship with us at 9 & 11 AM.  Admission is free and there will also be a complimentary brunch from 8:15-11:00.  This is a family friendly event and children are encouraged to join us in the Sanctuary for the service.  There will not be any Sabbath Schools for Easter weekend.

Come and be blessed by an amazing retelling of the Easter Story!!!

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