Team Roatan “coin” drive raises over …

The generosity of our children is unmatched!  I am so moved by the sacrificial giving of all of our children and young families!  When we started this coin drive we were praying that we would be able to challenge our kids to raise $800 to pay for the 8 amazing bookshelves to be built in at the Camp Bay School and the Diamond Rock church!  But God’s goodness never ceases!  We raised over $2000! It was amazing that the Cradle Roll class was even able to reach their matching challenge to reach over $400!  The primary class and their jingles and the junior class performed strong.  The winner of this year’s coin drive is the Kindergarten Class!  Their coin pitcher was overflowing on Sabbath morning.  Everyone watch out…the Tiny Tots will not remain at the bottom long.  They will fight be fierce next time! Great job!!!  Thanks everyone for this fun experience!!


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