Bookcase fundraiser enters last week!


The creativity and outpouring of support for the mission trip to Roatan has been amazing!  Here are some of the highlights and totals as we enter the last week.  The “coin” drive will end this Sabbath March 7.  I am sure some of you have been holding out until the last week to make an impact so bring in those donations this Sabbath.

Here are some of the creative fundraising ideas we’ve had.  We’ve had the weekly jingles put on by the primary class, we’ve have the car wash and bake sale by the Adventurers and the Kindergarten class.  This past weekend while we were away at Death Valley we had the Calitan Cafe sponsored by the Cradle Roll class and the bike ride from Furnace Creek to Dante’s View all such wonderful fundraisers!!  Thank you!

Let’s finish strong this week!

This Sabbath come dressed in your Sabbath best as we will take a class picture in each Sabbath School class to afix to the bookshelves we are building!

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