Children’s Pastor’s Conference: Journal Day 4 (last day)

Yesterday I wrote about worship.  Worship takes place in a variety of places.  They take place in large convention halls, sporting arenas, sanctuaries, in the car, and for some at home.  You know what i’m talking about.  Family worship.  A time when the family sets aside an intentional time where God is shared with our children.  Sometimes this means that we study our Sabbath School lesson with our children.  Other times it is as quick as a prayer said when you tuck in your child at night.  The challenge sometimes is that we need some ideas to make it more interesting. So, wait no more!


Supplies: 1 fresh egg (do not crack it open…keep whole).  1 gallon size ziplock bag.  1 microwave.  1 pair of scissors. 1 clock/watch that measures in seconds.

Step 1.  Please take the ziplock bag and cut off 1 bottom corner at a 45 degree angle.

Step 2.  Put the egg inside the ziplock bag.  do not seal the bag.

Step 3.  Put the bag with egg in the microwave.  Set for 3 mins.

Step 4.  When you turn on the microwave…have your kids note any change in the egg at 8 sec increments.  Ask them, “is there any change?”  y or n every 8 secs.

Step 5.  Just wait.   The egg is cooking.  As the egg cooks it will explode!  Do not be alarmed.  The ziplock bag should contain most of the egg inside it.

Lesson:  Though on the outside it doesn’t look like it, the egg was cooking on the inside the entire time.  As the microwave was cooking/changing the egg from the inside, it began to grow until the old shape of the egg couldn’t contain the change!  That’s the way it is with God’s love!  As the Holy Spirit comes into our lives, He changes us from the inside.  As the wave of God’s love continues to fill and change us, we will change from the inside as His love affects us.  Soon, as we become changed into God’s image we burst and overflow with His love and are able to share God’s love with others.

You can end the worship time with the kids favorite.  He’s Changing Me.

This idea came from Tim Shoemaker.  He was one or our presenters at our conference this morning.

Hope you enjoy it!  Email me your pictures and stories of this worship activity!  I would love to read them!

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