Children’s Pastor’s Conference Day 3

We’ve shared stories about the children that light up when they understand some One and some God truly loves them!  We’ve  expressed our appreciation for the countless volunteers that really are the flesh and bones of church!  We’ve discussed ideas that others are using in best practice conversations.  We’ve eaten overpriced food served by underpaid staff.  We’ve been challenged and encouraged.  But most importantly, we’ve worshipped!  Let me say that again, we’ve worshipped!

Pastor’s are often like chefs in a kitchen.  They are always surrounded by food in various phases of being prepared for consumption.  They have creative ideas, create interesting and sometimes yummy food but when others are eating, the chef has nibbled here and there, or has devoured a feast through his/her eyes that they are not hungry.  Please do not misunderstand me.  Chef’s get their nutrition but sometimes, even chef’s need to go to someone else’s restaurant and just be fed.  That is what I’ve been doing the past few days.  I’ve been feasting on God’s love and creative ways of connecting to God.

I’ve been so refreshed to worship with hundreds of other pastors and leaders from around the world that have been blessed by the worship/music ministry of Michael Neale. His message has been one of the worship life.  What are the lyrics that God is writing in your life song today?

Tomorrow, I’ll share a great activity you can do one night this week as part of your family worship!

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