Children’s Pastor’s Conference Journal Day 2

Whenever I am able to attend a conference I am most curious about case studies.  I want to learn about what other churches,  leaders,  ministries are finding useful in their sharing of the gospel.  In the morning I attended a breakout session led by a children’s pastor from TX who is responsible for 4,200 kids every week!  After the initial “wow, are there even 4200 kids in the city of calimesa?” I was reminded that we are entrusted with the same responsibility to each child whether we have 4200 or 200…to pass on God’s unconditional overflowing love to each child!


The thought for the day that I will take with me comes from Phil Vischer the creator of Veggietales and Jelly Telly.  Phil went through the long painful journey of bankruptcy and lost the Big Idea empire but he shares a personal testimony of God’s strength and constant search for each of us.  Phil testified to the great burden he had and still has for providing quality Christ centered media for our the children.  The burden that became so much a part of him that he couldn’t differeniate between his work, and his God. Looking back he shares the thought that I take with me, “We must exchange our worldly burdens for God’s burden for the world!”  P. Vischer.  What is God’s burden for our children, church, and community?

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