Children’s Pastor’s Conference Journal Day 1

cpc_web_smlTransitioning into Children’s ministry has been an exciting journey for me the past few months.  Many have practiced patience as you have been growing with me on an expedition where we love our children with open arms teaching our children about God’s grace! I have felt ill-equipped to serve our families with the limited exposure I have had in the leading minds, ministry models, materials, and curricula in the marketplace.

Tonight, I sit in my room a little overwhelmed at the immense material and cirricula available within children’s ministry.  I don’t think that 3 full days in the resource center would allow enough time to do the material justice.  But I am encouraged because I know that the our leadership team understands that God’s unconditional love and grace is the core of any ministry.  All the skits, ministry models, materials, are just trying to find relevant ways to share that with our children.

If I can share a thought with you from our general session tonight.  As you pray and tuck in your child tonight, please reflect on your day and share one thing that you appreciated that your little one did.  The little words of encouragement can be special windows where a child is touched by God’s love through you!  That is children’s ministry…that is good!

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