Let the Fundraising Begin!

Our fund raising for the mission trip is off to a great start!  Each class has done well in their first week.  Our most creative award implemented this past Sabbath winner goes to the Primary class!

But unfortunately for them the great music wasn’t enough to surpass our Junior class.  The Juniors are in the lead having raised over $54!!!

But do not count out our Cradle Roll friends.  There is a very generous anonymous donor that has challenged the other cradle roll parents!  If the cradle roll class can raise $300 the donor will donate another $100!  Let the fund raising begin!!

Here are your totals:

Juniors:  $54

Primary: $37

Cradle Roll:  $18

Tiny Tots: $17

Kindergarten:  $16

Young Adults: $12

One thought on “Let the Fundraising Begin!

  1. What a refreshing Idea!! Who ever is in charge of this fundraiser should get a star! Friendly competition will make this successful for sure!

    GO young adults, GO! Now is your chance to show your parents that you do actually know everything… even fundraising 🙂


    Mark South

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