Join Team Calitan to Represent Our Church!


I’m sure you have been hearing about the churches mission trip to Honduras.  This is going to be an annual trip that our church is doing in Roatan, Honduras in the communities of Camp Bay and Diamond Rock.  This is really a tangible outward expression of loving people as an entire church community reaching another community.  A chance for two groups of people to mutually learn and grow together.  To emphasize this unified identity we are calling ourselves Team CaliTan (Cali)mesa + Roa(tan).

Our church is sending 30 people to share God’s love through, Health Education, Dentistry, Children’s Ministries, and Facility Development! But everyone can be involved through many different ways. This Sabbath you are able to take an active role in this mission trip by bringing your loose change to Sabbath School to raise funds for bookcases to be built in Roatan, Honduras.

In the area of Facility Development we need your help!!!  We would like to build bookcases for the children to use at the school and church we will be visiting.  So we would like to encourage everyone to bring their change into Sabbath School to raise money for book cases to be built in Honduras.  In a few weeks I will be coming to each Sabbath School class to take a group picture to afix to the books cases to let the children in Honduras know who donated them!

Our goal is for each class to raise $100!  So we need your help!

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