Anticipating Christmas

Tomorrow is Christmas and I am feeling a little jipped.  It was just yesterday that many of us were in the kitchen preparing a Thanksgiving meal for House of Decision.  A few hours ago the pastoral staff was busy preparing the Christmas with the Classics meal for our senior citizens at church (Dec 10). And now I am feeling jipped because in a few hours it will be Christmas and I have not had the chance to experience the mystique of anticipation.  We all know that we will encounter challenges to find parking spaces at the malls, long lines in the grocery stores, traffic on the freeways, and some difficult people to endure.  You know what I’m talking about don’t you?

But what about the unknown? The energy, the mystery, the wonder that often surrounds the unknown.  It seems that we often are so busy that we do not recognize the energy that Mary and Joseph must have spent, the mystery of the encounter between the shepherds and the angels.  All that we have been told about for years.

Tonight as I write I am about to board a plane in anticipation of a life changing experience in New York as I hope to visit Ellis Island and Ground Zero during our few days there.  But what about the life changing encounter for our entire world with the birth of our Savior?  Oh how we have been desensitized by the Christmas season.  I am feeling challenged tonight to re-anticipate the world changing birth of Christ.  Challenged to re-anticipate how this world and all people were given hope of a new way of life, full of love and grace!  I am anticipating what impact we can have on our world.

Merry Christmas!


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