Show your best face.

Get booked today.  It’s one of the largest and most popular online social networking sites around.  We have a few ways to stay connected.

Education is everything.  Educating our kids how to properly use online networking can be a great way to spend some quality time with your kids as your share the newest pictures of your pets, write about your vacation, or say hello to a friend during the week.  We have created a “calimesa kids” facebook account.  Parents can just hold onto the password so that the kids cannot get access without parents consent.

We have also created a Calimesa Young Families group on facebook.  So you can join the group and get up to date announcements and join the weekly conversations.  This content will be geared towards the current conversations in our church, community, and culture.

If you do not jump on board the facebook bandwagon…i’ll still think you’re cool.

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