This Saturday Night!!! Wii Olympics with Young Adults

If you were like me you stayed up nights watching the Beijing Olympics.  You were energized by Phelps and wondered why in the world Trampoline is an Olympic Event?  And if you were honest with yourself you secretly thought, I could so do that!!!  Deny your inner athlete no more!  Come out and show us all that Michael Phelps isn’t the only super athlete deserving a medal.  Join us Saturday Night for Wii Olympics where you’ll get a chance to show us what you’ve got in boxing, golf, bowling, tennis, and other great events designed for the entire family!!!

Things get started at 7pm at church.  If you have video projectors and/ or Wii controllers please brings them, as we might be able to use them.   So do your stretching and warm up and I hope that Wii’ll see you there!

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